Is It Essential to Hire a Certified SEO Consultant in London

Just because you run a profit-making business does not mean the search engines will robotically pick up all your products & services when prospective customers are searching. While the search engine algorithms can look baffling, but there’s a method to the madness. Once you find out that method, you will definitely end up with desired outcomes.

Fortunately, there’re people who have the skills to optimize your site & manage marketing campaigns to make your business more visible online. These people are known as SEO experts who can really make the difference when it comes to the performance of your website in search engines. However, to rule your niche you want to ensure that you’ve appointed a certified SEO consultant in London who know what search engines wants. Mentioned here are some top reasons why only a certified SEO expert should be your first preferences:

You would not trust your precious eyes to a surgeon who was not board certified. Eye surgery needs accuracy, specialized, ongoing training and experience. SEO also needs accuracy, specialization, ongoing training and experience to catch those eyes of prospective customers to your website. A certified SEO specialist in London knows exactly how to optimize your site so that emerges at the crest of the search engine rankings.

No doubt an uncertified expert may cost you less, but you certainly can’t afford to let your competitors get all the clicks because unauthorized experts did not do the work essential to optimize your website.

Search engines are regularly altering the way they scour through & show search results, so your business require a certified SEO pro who’s immersed in & comprehends how those changes have an impact on your website’s visibility every day.

These days internet marketing is unbelievably competitive & a lot of sites on the same topic are all shouting for attention. A certified SEO expert can help your site stand out from the competition. You will wish to be unique to improve your PR (Page Rank) but also because customers will be comparing websites and having the best presentation can be the difference between winning & losing.

The hunt for the crest never ends. Once you reach the summit you should safeguard your position or rank. Because technology changes with the blink of an eye, you require a certified SEO professional acting as a guard who’ll watch for threats and changes and help you move into the future.

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4 Signs of Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Every business needs to make a decision on what kind of marketing they must & must not invest to. The aspects they employ to determine which channel to follow are absolutely unique to each business, but they’re often trends that help decide which channels a business must make use of. Listed below are a few situations where you might wish to hire an SEO company in London to enhance your marketing endeavors.

You notice an abrupt dip in web traffic:

If you notice an abrupt dip in traffic coming to your site, it may be a serious issue – particularly if your site gives you considerable revenue. An unexpected drop in traffic could be a sign of different things, encompassing technical glitches that make your website futile or, worse, your site has been penalized by Google for infringing its quality guidelines.  Without an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization, it can be almost unfeasible to recuperate from a circumstance like this. Fortunately, SEO consultant in London can evaluate your site for problems & come up with solutions that help in getting back traffic to your site.

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Bounce rates are excessively high:

The bounce rate of your website can assist you to understand how efficiently it converts visitors into consumers. No doubt every website will have bounces, but astoundingly high bounce rates generally imply there’re problems with your website that put off or deject prospective consumers from communicating with your business. A reliable SEO service in London can help access & address the web pages on your website for problems that can have an effect on bounce rate. These may include slow site speed, poor content, a blurred path to conversion, and a range of other technical & content associated problems.

Your competitors often rank higher than you:

If you are discovering that your competitors frequently outplay you in higher ranked keywords, you will most probably need SEO assistance.


You wish provable ROI:

Conventional forms of advertising can be pretty effective for your business, but there is a common issue – it can be almost unfeasible to track down their ROI (Return On Investment). With search engine optimization & other types of digital marketing, it is much simpler to gather all the data you require to find out how effective a marketing endeavor is at making money. Like other business expenditures, you only wish to invest in something that’ll eventually enhance the bottom line of your business. By having a qualified SEO company in London, you can make sure that you will know how search engine optimization performs for your business.

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SEO Service for Your Company Based in London or Anywhere else in the UK

A lot of small business owners feel surprised when they realise that search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t a one-off deal. They did not even realise that they’ve to pay for it on a monthly basis. Wondering why so? Let’s find out:

The first and foremost thing you should understand is that search engine optimization is a campaign. There is simply no magic to see your site on top for the most popular keywords in your niche. Things do not work that way!

The initial few meetings with any SEO company London or UK based will involve discussions & research to determine your goals and what will be the most effective method to accomplish your objectives. The company will examine your site & numerous enhancements will be suggested so that it meets Google’s requirements.

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Then proper research is done to find out which keywords to target for. Some keywords you may assume are not relevant, in fact, these may be the once which will lead to Your prospective consumers. What you & your SEO service provider in London need to do is find keywords which your prospective consumers are using but aren’t being targeted heavily by your competitors.

Following that, the SEO experts will scrutinise your competitors to take a note of what they are doing right & to find out what back links they are making use of. The most useful back links should be spotted, and then efforts should be given to acquiring those back links for your site too.

After that, they’ll start the link building practice. Now, this procedure will require ample time with careful approach because Google may penalise you when you abruptly have thousands of back links sprouting suddenly. This process takes months to make it look natural and it’ll be an incessant process for as long as you wish your site to be optimized for search engine rankings.

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You just can’t say that you have got huge amount of back links &  you don’t require any more. That is like slowing down when you are in a competition. Your competitors are all striving to rank too, and very soon you will get lost if you are unable to maintain your pace.

Then you will also have to feature fresh content on your site frequently. The highest ranked sites tend to feature fresh & unique content almost daily. Since you mayn’t be able to accomplish this on your own, you should depend on SEO Company based in your local area (London or other part of UK) to do this task for you. They’ll also ensure that the content posted on your website is appropriately optimized also.

The SEO Company also does monthly check-up of your website. For example, it frequently checks to see that your website is always up, your security is proper against hacking and the loading speed of your web pages is fast. Such things are vital not only for search engine optimization but for your site visitors also.

So, even when your site has accomplished the top rank for your target keywords, you still require SEO to maintain that rank. And that is basically why you have to pay monthly for search engine optimization.

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Top 4 SEO Myths to Avoid to Be Successful in Online Businesses

As many tongues as many words, that is the scene for SEO at present. SEO myths are routine things in the online sphere, but as we’re moving forward with updates in Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google’s search algorithms, maybe it’s time to get ahead of these ever circulating misconceptions regarding SEO. As an SEO company in London, we’d like to share some of these SEO myths that are going viral on the web.

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The keyword is all one need to set his SEO right: 

Well, the time SEO totally depended on keywords is long gone. Today it’s all about content, utility, and value of your service that matters the most to the online consumers. The rollout of Google’sRankBrain further strengthens the claim that SEO services in London are now focusing more on the relevance & utility of the web pages instead of keyword stuffed content.

You’re #1 or you’re nothing:

A myth that time and again conflicts a business & its SEO associates’ relation is “not ranking 1st”. Well, we can tell you that it’s not such a big deal because SEO isn’t all about ranking 1st but somewhat about improving your online traffic & generating more profits. For instance; you gain very little from a #1 ranking if the value provided by your content is not realized by your product or service on the ground.

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Image optimization isn’t necessary:                             

Seeing that Google & other search engine providers now feature a dedicated image search section, the above-stated assumption is absolutely wrong! Google is gradually leaning towards sites with quality images and text, and a prerequisite is that these sites must load quicker & feature a responsive UI. This isn’t feasible without having appropriately renamed images with modern compression applied to them to look better & load quicker (particularly on mobile platforms).

Local SEO isn’t effective for everyone:

Absolutely false! Fundamentally local SEO helps you connect with the audience in your local area & near abroad, hence commence sense states that it’s effective for your online business. However, if your online business isn’t getting enough results with local SEO, the fault is possibly in your search engine optimization strategy instead of the concept itself. Sitting down with your SEO consultant in London might be an excellent idea in such circumstances.

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So, these are some of the most common SEO myths that you must throw away from your mind if you want your online business to be a success. Contact Branding For Business if you are looking for professional SEO services in London. Contact us on 02034 882448.