Top 4 SEO Myths to Avoid to Be Successful in Online Businesses

As many tongues as many words, that is the scene for SEO at present. SEO myths are routine things in the online sphere, but as we’re moving forward with updates in Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google’s search algorithms, maybe it’s time to get ahead of these ever circulating misconceptions regarding SEO. As an SEO company in London, we’d like to share some of these SEO myths that are going viral on the web.

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The keyword is all one need to set his SEO right: 

Well, the time SEO totally depended on keywords is long gone. Today it’s all about content, utility, and value of your service that matters the most to the online consumers. The rollout of Google’sRankBrain further strengthens the claim that SEO services in London are now focusing more on the relevance & utility of the web pages instead of keyword stuffed content.

You’re #1 or you’re nothing:

A myth that time and again conflicts a business & its SEO associates’ relation is “not ranking 1st”. Well, we can tell you that it’s not such a big deal because SEO isn’t all about ranking 1st but somewhat about improving your online traffic & generating more profits. For instance; you gain very little from a #1 ranking if the value provided by your content is not realized by your product or service on the ground.

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Image optimization isn’t necessary:                             

Seeing that Google & other search engine providers now feature a dedicated image search section, the above-stated assumption is absolutely wrong! Google is gradually leaning towards sites with quality images and text, and a prerequisite is that these sites must load quicker & feature a responsive UI. This isn’t feasible without having appropriately renamed images with modern compression applied to them to look better & load quicker (particularly on mobile platforms).

Local SEO isn’t effective for everyone:

Absolutely false! Fundamentally local SEO helps you connect with the audience in your local area & near abroad, hence commence sense states that it’s effective for your online business. However, if your online business isn’t getting enough results with local SEO, the fault is possibly in your search engine optimization strategy instead of the concept itself. Sitting down with your SEO consultant in London might be an excellent idea in such circumstances.

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So, these are some of the most common SEO myths that you must throw away from your mind if you want your online business to be a success. Contact Branding For Business if you are looking for professional SEO services in London. Contact us on 02034 882448.